About the Department

The Chemistry Department was established at the College of Science in Arar 1428-1429 AH.  The department has focused on establishing strong and diverse teaching bases foundations and research initiatives, leveraging the expertise of a dedicated faculty. Its main objective is to prepare students with the necessary skills and knowledge throughout their academic journey, enabling them to pursue advanced studies, contribute to academic and research institutions, and participate in industrial endeavors across various sectors on local, regional, and global scales. These students are expected to emerge as leaders in technology for future generations, bridging the gap between industry and academia. The department comprises approximately 16 faculty members across both male and female divisions, engaged in both theoretical and experimental research across a broad , including physical chemistry, analytical chemistry, organic chemistry, and inorganic chemistry. Additionally, the department employs six technicians across its laboratories. The Chemistry Department works to continuously develop and grow the number of students in programs affiliated with the Chemistry Department, as well as periodically develop plans to develop research laboratories and study plans.

Dr. Haifa Dakhil Al-Harbi
The Head of Chemistry Department

Vision and Mission

Achieving scientific excellence in the field of chemistry and community participation.
Providing high-quality education in chemistry, producing well-prepared graduates who are confident in their abilities. Training students to acquire scientific and practical skills in the fields of scientific research to keep pace with ongoing developments in chemistry.



  • Providing students with modern and updated scientific skills and basic chemical knowledge for success.
  • Educating students on laboratory safety protocols, fostering effective teamwork, and enhancing skills in self-directed learning and communication.
  • Graduates with basic skills possess the basic skills needed for the labor market in chemistry and related fields.
  •  Advocating for both fundamental and practical research to address the demands of the industrial job market.
  •  Applying suitable mathematical, computational, and analytical techniques to resolve chemical challenges.
  • Developing partnerships in the industrial field to contribute sustainably to community service.