About the college

The High approval was issued for establishing the Faculty of Science at the Northern Border University as a building block for higher education and part of the university campus. Enrollment in the Faculty of Science began in the academic year 1428/1427 H. It is the foundation on which the Northern Border University was built. It started with the departments of mathematics, physics, and computer science, and the departments of chemistry and biology were established after; each award Bachelor’s Degree that takes four years to complete. The faculty has witnessed remarkable development at all academic levels and laboratories, accompanied by increased student numbers. It provides mathematics, chemistry, physics, statistics, and biology courses for the students of the faculty s of Medicine, Medical Sciences, Engineering, Literature, Pharmacy, and Computer Sciences. The faculty’s departments have approximately 138 distinguished faculty members of national lecturers, recruits, and contractors of both sexes, as well as approximately 30 technicians, research assistants, and 20 staff members, each contributing to the educational process at the faculty.
The faculty has several scientific laboratories with the latest equipment and tools to teach students. The faculty aims to prepare qualified graduates in basic sciences to work in the public and private sectors and provide innovative academic, scientific, and research consultations to the community. Following the planned direction of the Northern Border University to secure its place in the field of education and scientific research, the faculty is conducting a comprehensive review of its educational and research plans to keep up with the latest scientific developments to graduate students that meet the labor market needs.
We aspire for the faculty’s departments and units to be distinguished centers of scientific research, contributions, technical and economic progress of the Kingdom, and spreading science and knowledge by teaching sciences within the faculty’s disciplines. The Faculty of Science is planning to develop new departments to play their role in the service of society as well as to activate graduate programs in different divisions and specialties..

Dr. Madallah Alenazi
Dean of the College of Science

Vision and Mission


Achieving excellence in education and scientific research in basic sciences and their applications to serve the community


Providing educational programs in basic sciences and their applications and distinctive scientific research that meets the needs of the region and contributes to the development of society


  • Providing educational programs in basic sciences and their applications that meet the labor market requirements. 
  • Increasing scientific research. 
  • Strengthening community partnership. 
  • Obtaining academic accreditation. 

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