About The Department

The Department of Computer Science was established with the Faculty of Science in 1427 A.H. to prepare distinguished national graduates in computer science and keep abreast of the development of the educational boom in the Kingdom. The department currently offers a computer science program and grants a bachelor’s degree in computer science.

The Computer Science program consists of four tracks: Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence, Software Engineering, and a General Track in Computer Science. Each track consists of 134 credit hours, combining theoretical and practical lessons to equip graduates for entry into the workforce or further studies at the graduate level. The program has achieved notable success, with several batches of students excelling in their computer science studies. The program was keen to attract the best scientific talents to achieve the highest levels of excellence and creativity in this field. The Computer Science Program, together with its dedicated academic and administrative staff, is devoted to supporting student self-realization and skill development. This commitment is fostered within a nurturing educational environment marked by mutual respect and collaboration, reflecting a profound dedication and seriousness that effectively prepares students to meet the demands of the modern era.

Dr. Sultan bin Monadi Al-Enzi
Head of Computer Science Department

Vision and Mission

Department's Vision

To be one of the leading programs that achieve excellence in educational performance and scientific research in computer science.

Department's Mission

Providing high-quality computer science education, producing well-prepared graduates who are confident in their abilities to serve their society, and gain scientific skills such as scientific research; to keep up with ongoing developments in computer science.

Computer Science Program's Mission

Provide high-quality computer science education that prepares graduates to meet the job market needs, serve the community, and contribute to research and technological advancement.


Mission and objectives of the computer science program

Computer Science Program Mission
Providing high-quality education in computer science that qualifies graduates to meet the needs of the labor market, serve society, and contribute to research and technological progress.


Objectives of the Computer Science Program

  • Providing the student with the latest knowledge, skills, and techniques in the field of computer science.
  • Enhancing students’ abilities to think critically, problem-solve, continuous learning, research, and teamwork.
  • Preparing qualified students for the labor market who possess the professional and ethical responsibility required in the field of computer science.
  • Participation in community service.